Study, Work, Live in Canada 2021: Your Gateway to become a Canadian

Canada is ranked as the most ideal place for international students for higher education. The diversified educational system and the most recent strategy set by the Canadian Ministry of education to increase the population of foreign students attracted the globe to come and study abroad in Canada. Students from other countries are coming back to Canada with the loosening of some border restrictions following Covid-19 protocols and the university they are attending covers provincially approved Covid-19 plans. 

While the Covid-19 pandemic made a wave of changes to both the economic and social factors of schools worldwide, Canada remained the most stable and safest among students, faculties, and the entire university body. Canada is well known for its quality education system and a promising successful career after graduation. No wonder Canada gained much popularity from young people to adults with the country’s welcoming approach to immigrants, tourists, and international students.

Study in Canada and sustain your economic needs with a permitted job of 20 hours per week during academic sessions and on vacations with 30hours of work allowed. There are certain considerations whether you can work on or off-campus and it will be defined by your chosen course. You can work while studying as it is encouraged by the educational plan and remain in the country for great job opportunities after earning a degree or upon graduation. 

There are 103 schools and universities in Canada distributed in rural and urban regions. Technology and the social system continuously evolving that make it more accommodating to the open-minded nature of international students. Canada boasts of tuition fees that are lowest compared to other English speaking countries. It is in fact the country with the most affordable tuition fee offers for International students. Combined with other vital necessities like the residential cost is significantly lower.

The charms in the world are in this country alone. Live with freedom and seek the status you deserve. Canada is considered as a country of “personal freedom” yet has a friendly cultural life.  One particular aspect of Canada is having two national languages. This is the best place to broaden your horizon in learning English and French. 

Among the plethora of benefits of studying in Canada is having the eligibility to bring your partner or your family to Canada. LGBTQ2IA+ is anchored by a Canadian law that protects students from harassment and abuse.  

This year is the best time to pursue your gateway to work and live in one of the best countries in the world despite the pandemic crisis. Start preparing for 2021 to study in Canada and get your travel packs for a quality study adventure!

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